Friday, March 27, 2009

My technology IEP

I am a new member of facebook and thought it might be interesting to create a lesson for students using facebook features. I have been warned that I will never be able to incorporate facebook into a lesson due to security demands of schools to keep students safe, but I have hope that there will be something like facebook that will one day be allowed in schools. Most of the lessons that I have created could be accomplished by using a blog page, although facebook has a feature of instant communication that I love.

With use of facebook the science lab could extended to the student's home. In this lesson, the students are required to look at the world around them, and to make comparisons to places in the near vacinity. This could lead to a more realistic look at the world around them, hopefully creating a more aware person one year closer to graduation.

I would hope to eventually be able to either have students talk to each other on-line through use of facebook, or even better to have students communicate their ideas with other students in other communities. Being able to instantly respond to those who are far away could lead to a sharing of ideas and a larger group of students and get more interesting feedback for our work. For example, a comparison between pioneer plant species in recently exposed areas near a glacier and pioneer species in an area that has regular fires.

I hope that some other source may one day have some of the features that facebook has will be created so that my technology IEP lessons, or something like it could some day be taught.

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