Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Educational Philosophy

Technology should be incorporated into the classroom in the same way that it is being incorporated into our lives. Not as a separate subject, but as an integral element of every class curriculum.

Energy Awareness Project

I get a cup of coffee every day, and I get it in a paper cup. This means that each week I use up to five paper cups. Living in Juneau, where we do not have much room to build as it is, how am I adding to the space issue by throwing a paper cup away, and into the landfill, each day?

How am I effecting my environment by using a paper cup each day?
  • How do I effect the size of the land fill by throwing a paper cup away each day?
  • How is my use of paper effecting biodiversity on the planet?
  • How am I effecting the remaining islands of old growth forest by using a paper cup each day?
  • How much paper does one cup consist of.
  • How many trees are needed to make that much paper.
  • Where are those trees coming from.
  • Was any naturally occurring forest destroyed (biodiversity) to create the paper, or to create a place where a homogeneous environment exists.
  • Do the cups biodegrade
  • How much space do the cups take up in the landfill
Through research, my paper consumption can be seen by examining my use of cups.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anthrotech Project

Floyd Dryden is full of useful technology for students and parents alike. I had imagined that when I became a teacher I would be able to inform parents of up coming events in the school through a web page where they could respond with concerns. I also envisioned that I would be able to have a tutorial set up that parents could be a more active roll in educating their students, and students could feel more connected to their parents. I thought that all of this was a futuristic idea that would come in the future. Little did I know that this is the reality at Floyd Dryden. Teachers have a bio posted on the school web sight where they can create links to information pertaining to their students. Parents can track their child's grades, attendance, and the amount they are reading through a one stop account set up by the school. Parents have a great opportunity to be involved if they are willing to take the initiative. My host teacher posts student's pictures on the web page when we go on field trips, or do special projects. This is all done with consideration to parent's wishes, and a parent permission form is sent out at the beginning of the year.

Although quite a bit of technology is available for teachers differing ability and comfort levels, not all teachers are as willing to use what the school provides. I have used the SmartBoard at least twice, and new SmartBoard technology has recently been introduced. I am excited to find out other ways that I can utilize the tools provided.

I am hoping that my experience as a student teacher will lead me to be more comfortable with technology in the classroom. Currently in our homeroom, the assignment is for students to create a Power Point that shows different types of geographic features. This includes using Google to define words and find images, and the skills for manipulating Power Point. I am hoping that my experiences using technology will lead to an exciting teaching career.