Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Energy Awareness Project

I get a cup of coffee every day, and I get it in a paper cup. This means that each week I use up to five paper cups. Living in Juneau, where we do not have much room to build as it is, how am I adding to the space issue by throwing a paper cup away, and into the landfill, each day?

How am I effecting my environment by using a paper cup each day?
  • How do I effect the size of the land fill by throwing a paper cup away each day?
  • How is my use of paper effecting biodiversity on the planet?
  • How am I effecting the remaining islands of old growth forest by using a paper cup each day?
  • How much paper does one cup consist of.
  • How many trees are needed to make that much paper.
  • Where are those trees coming from.
  • Was any naturally occurring forest destroyed (biodiversity) to create the paper, or to create a place where a homogeneous environment exists.
  • Do the cups biodegrade
  • How much space do the cups take up in the landfill
Through research, my paper consumption can be seen by examining my use of cups.

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