Thursday, March 26, 2009

Article Assessment 4

The Overdominance of Computers

In this article by Lowell W. Monke, the lack of preparation we give to our students before we unleash the powerful computer on them is discussed. We prepare our young for all other powerful tools of their future like cars and alcohol. Why don't we teach the use of computers in the same way.

For this to happen, we would need to give our young time to develop
  • a conscience and use it to be responsible and respectable contributors to the digital world
  • hands on experiences to give relevance to the work they do with technology
  • loving nurturing experiences to give them a sense of gravity for how their work may effect others
  • outdoor activities to connect them with the world around them so that the research they do can be connected to the physical experiences they have had.

Although computers can be used as a creative tool, what is created is only an icon for what exists in the real world. The potential for the computer as a creative tool is not used to its fullest if students do not realize how their creations can be used. Monke argues that computers today are given to young students who do not have the life experience to be responsible for what they create. He also argues that when we start teaching students about technology so young, they are learning technology that will not be relevant by the time they are in high school. He suggests that we give students the opportunity to be children, then in high school, start to prepare them for their technological futures.

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